Since 1994, ECO Finishing has been providing state-of-the-art electroplating services. With over 60,000 sq. feet of clean, well lit space, ECO Finishing has a streamlined electroplating process that complies with all EPA regulations regarding safety and waste treatment.

Our full service of processes includes over 20 finishes including:

  • Anodizing Alumnium

  • Black Oxide Coatings

  • Chemical Conversion Coatings

  • Copper Plating

  • Hardcoat Anodizing

  • Electroless Nickel

  • Nickel Plating

  • Phosphate Coatings

  • Zinc Plating

Our website is under construction, thank you for your patience.

ECO Finishing Co

5100 Industrial Boulevard NE

Minneapolis, MN 55421

Phone: (763) 574-1000

Fax: (763) 574-1605